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Sera Vurobaravu Liki: Education Opens Doors to Opportunity

Posted in Alumni Profiles

Australia Awards alumnus, Sera Vurobaravu Liki, is leading a collective of passionate practitioners as the National Coordinator for Early Childhood Education and Care with the Ministry of Education. This involves working alongside the National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2030 (The People’s Plan); an overarching guide for Government of Vanuatu planning that falls under the three guiding pillars of society, economics and environment. Embedded within the society pillar is ‘quality education’ with a focus on inclusive learning; formalising early childhood education and an increase in higher education opportunities.

Sera graduated with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care in 2021 from the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. Sera states ‘I believe action speaks louder than words, so I saw this opportunity to pursue academia as a way to model to my children what they can also aspire towards’. Sera wants her journey as a scholar to build an exciting learning environment for her teacher colleagues whom she supports within her role, leading by example.

Sera’s role as National Coordinator involves overseeing the coordination of the curriculum, providing quality assessment and review of policies that will create a standardised benchmark to be used nationwide. Sera recognises Australia Awards for broadening her understanding of how best to achieve the approach towards standardised benchmarks through studies informed by analysis and observation; moving towards long term meaningful change.

Sera has also been involved in the recent initiative of a parent support program currently being rolled out across all provinces to create a shared understanding and cooperative effort towards children’s learning. Sera states ‘It has been so pleasing to see the inclusion of parents as a priority as we move forward towards the Vanuatu 2030 People’s Plan. Parents, especially, have noted their appreciation in having the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the education system and how best they can support their children.’ Sera’s studies now recognise the significant impact a parent’s involvement can positively contribute towards their child’s academic success.

Sera graduated alongside four other family members and she believes this was only possible due to the Australia Awards opportunity she was granted that inspired her family to further their own academic endeavours. Sera explains ‘I am so incredibly grateful for what Australia Awards has provided me with. Both for my own personal and professional success, and also what it has allowed me to achieve with my family. We have all flourished from the experience’.

The Australia Awards Scholarships 2024 Intake are now open, with applications being received until 31 March, 2023.