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Alumnus of the Year FAQs

Alumnus of the Year FAQs

What does ‘alumni’ mean and whom does it include?

Vanuatu citizens who have graduated from a tertiary institution with the Government of Australia long term scholarship program. This includes Australia Awards Scholarships, Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships and its predecessor programs including Australian Development Scholarships and Colombo Plan.

Can I nominate myself?

Self-nominations are permitted, please provide sufficient supporting documents
As mentioned in the guideline.

How do I nominate somebody for the Alumni Awards?

Nominations are submitted via the online nomination form. Please review our nomination guidelines for an overview of the nomination process and contact the Australia Awards Vanuatu team should you experience any difficulties.

How many nominations can I put forward?

There is no limit to the number of people you can nominate for the Australia Awards Vanuatu Alumnus of the Year Prize.

Can anyone nominate an alumnus for the Alumnus of the Year Prize?

Absolutely. Anyone can nominate a deserving alumnus, whether you are a
fellow classmate, acquaintance, colleague, friend, family member or a current/former
member of a community

What are the nomination criteria?

Nominees must demonstrate outstanding achievements and leadership in addition to being assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Skills and Experience 20%: The alumnus is utilizing skills and experience related to their AAV study area.
  • Strategic contribution 20%: Contribution is occurring in an area of strategic value to Australia and Vanuatu.
  • Demonstrated development outcome 20%: Able to clearly state what development outcome has been achieved/facilitated by the alumnus.
  • Ongoing linkages 20%: The alumnus is able to demonstrate contribution to linkages with Australia or the region (or other linkages).
  • Public diplomacy 20%: Ability to represent AAV in an extremely positive light, in the general community, within the professional community and to the Governments of Vanuatu and Australia.

It is essential that you address each criterion carefully to demonstrate the nominees’ eligibility for the Alumnus of Year Prize.

How do I obtain information on a nominee if I do not know them personally?

Information on a nominee can be sourced by searching online for: links to research publication, news articles, multimedia/audio-visual content and project websites, LinkedIn profiles, employee/company websites, conference speaker profiles or featured talks on YouTube, etc. Alternatively, you may need to approach the nominee directly for more information.

Do I need to inform the nominee that I am intending to nominate them for the Alumnus of the Year Prize?

While not essential, as a matter of courtesy it is recommended that you inform the nominee that you intend to nominate them for the Alumnus of the Year Prize.

How do I find key dates for the Alumnus of the Year Prize?

Key dates for the current Alumni Awards are published online at the Alumni Awards

Whom should I contact for queries about the nomination form, the selection process, or the Alumnus of the Year ceremony?

You can send an email enquiry to or call (+678) 22114.

Will you accept late nominations?

No. Unfortunately, late applications cannot be considered

When will the Alumnus of the Year Prize winner be announced?

The finalists and winner will be announced at the Australia Awards Vanuatu Alumni Networking Event in August 2022.

Will the nominee know that I personally nominated them?

Yes, Awards’ committee reserve the right to disclose the identity of the nominator to
the nominee.

When will nominees/nominators be informed of the outcome?

All Alumni of the Year nominators will be informed of the outcome by email and on the Australia Awards Vanuatu website, following the Australia Awards Vanuatu Alumni Networking Event in August 2022

Who is on the Alumnus of the Year Prize Selection Panel?

The Selection Panel will comprise representatives from the Australian High Commission in Vanuatu (DFAT), the Government of Vanuatu and the Australia Awards Alumni Committee.

Who is the Australia Awards Vanuatu Alumni Networking Event open to?

The event is open to Alumnus of the Year finalists (and family members), recently returned alumni, the Alumni Committee and representatives from the Australian High Commission and the Government of Vanuatu. A limited number of places will be available for other alumni (by invitation).