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Make a difference with an Australia Awards Scholarship.

Alumni Committee

Alumni Committee 2023 to 2025

The process for electing a new AAV Alumni Committee has commenced! The new Alumni Committee will assume responsibility from early May 2023 after the two-year term of the current Alumni Committee officially comes to an end at the Alumni Annual Networking Event, to be held on Wednesday 3 May 2023.

This is your opportunity to be part of a vibrant team working to create learning opportunities for AAV alumni and contribute to development activities in Vanuatu. 

Alumni committee member positions are voluntary, and you will be expected to contribute some of your time to help organise activities. This commitment will vary depending upon activities being facilitated by AAV.

The process of submitting an Expression of Interest is simple:

  • Read carefully the Terms of Reference below for the Alumni Committee Member 2023-2025;
  • Decide which portfolio (including Convenor) within the Alumni Committee is of interest to you;
  • Submit an Expression of Interest to AAV no later than 5pm Friday 7 April as follows:
    • No longer than 400 words;
    • Specify why being a member of the Alumni Committee is of interest to you;
    • Why you have identified the particular portfolio within the Committee as of interest to you;
    • Your professional experience in this particular portfolio of work; and
    • Your availability to contribute to the Alumni Committee.

Following the submission of the Expressions of Interest by AAV alumni, an online election will take place in which all alumni can participate. The results of the election will be announced at the Annual Alumni Networking Event to be held on 3 May 2023.

Alumni Committee Member 2023-25 Terms of Reference

The Australia Awards Vanuatu (AAV) Alumni Committee is a body of six individuals who have successfully completed studies in Australia or Fiji through either an Australia Awards Scholarship or an Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship. The Committee composition will aim for representation across Vanuatu provinces with respect to distribution of alumni. Their primary role as a committee, is to provide an ‘alumni voice’ in assisting AAV with the planning and review of AAV activities.

  • AAV Alumni Committee Member 2023-25
  • Position Title AAV Alumni Committee Member
  • Reports to Manager – Australia Awards Vanuatu
  • Duration of Assignment May 2023 – April 2025

Position Summary

    The Alumni Committee consists of six portfolios:

    1. Convenor Alumni Committee
    2. Alumni Committee member (AAV Facebook moderation)
    3. Alumni Committee member (Alumni Professional Development)
    4. Alumni Committee member (Alumni Grant Scheme)
    5. Alumni Committee member (Alumnus of the Year)
    6. Alumni Committee member (Gender Equity and Social Inclusion – GESI)

    The Convenor holds overall responsibility for the Alumni Committee and will task each of the committee members with assisting AAV in their designated portfolio. The Committee members will report back to the Convenor on a regular basis. AAV operates under the auspices of the Vanuatu Education Support Program (VESP) and reports to the Government of Australia Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) within the Australian High Commission in Vanuatu. All milestone reporting including Annual Plan and Annual Reports are approved by the VESP Team Leader prior to submission to DFAT.

    Key Responsibilities

    Convenor Alumni Committee

    • Together with the AAV Manager, co-host an introductory workshop for commencing Alumni

    Committee members

    • Organise quarterly coordination meetings with alumni committee members;
    • Check on progress within each member’s portfolio;
    • Provide guidance on the facilitation of portfolios as required;
    • Report back to AAV and DFAT on a quarterly basis or as required;
    • Meet with senior Australian High Commission staff on a twice-yearly basis;
    • Provide input to the annual AAV Reflection Workshop;
    • Provide a lead role at the Annual Alumni Networking Event;
    • Assist AAV with the provision of strategic direction for AAV promotions; and
    • Submit any financial requests (to assist in facilitating Convenor role) to AAV for approval Alumni Committee Members
    • Participate in an introductory workshop for commencing Alumni Committee members
    • Liaise with AAV Alumni and Promotions Officer to fully understand the scope of the portfolio responsibilities;
    • Establish a regular meeting schedule with the AAV Alumni and Promotions Officer;
    • Provide an oversight of activities occurring within the designated portfolio;
    • Participate in portfolio activities where appropriate;
    • Provide feedback to Convenor Alumni Committee through participation in quarterly coordination meetings;
    • Provide input at AAV promotions as availability allows; and
    • Participate in the Annual Alumni Networking Event.

    Qualifications and Experience


    • Successful completion of a degree through an Australia Awards Scholarship or Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship.


    • Professional experience which can contribute to effective participation within the AAV Alumni Committee.
    • Highly developed communication skills including written and spoken English and Bislama;
    • Effective planning and implementation skills.