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Make a difference with an Australia Awards Scholarship.



Australia Awards Vanuatu offers unique chances to Ni-Vanuatu to develop their skills as well as build a strong network. Discover more about the networking events and learn more about Alumni contributions.

Why AAV is recommended

Four alumni talk about why they they would recommend Australia Awards Scholarships by discussing their benefits.

Best Tips for AAV applicants

Four alumni share their best tips on the process of application from the research to filling in the online application form itself.

Alumni Grant Scheme Writing Workshop

0:00:00 – Workshop overview
0:02:15 – Purpose, overview, outcomes and process
0:03:51 – Australia Awards Grant Scheme objectives
0:05:38 – Telling a good story – Audience: donor parameters
0:31:55 – What is your story?
0:47:16 – Language of grant writing
1:14:35 – Budget
1:25:10 – Common grant writing mistakes