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Rodney Philemon: Administering IT Infrastructure to Improve ICT Skills

Posted in Alumni Profiles

Introducing our newly appointed Alumni Committee members.

The role of technology in the workplace is extremely significant, responsible for improving communications and increasing productivity. Rodney Philemon is an Australia Awards alumnus who is an IT Specialist with the US Peace Corps in Vanuatu, administering the IT infrastructure and communications systems for staff and volunteers. Rodney graduated through Australia Awards with a Bachelor of Science in 2007 from the University of the South Pacific’s Laucala campus in Fiji. He undertook a double major in Computer Science and Information Systems. Rodney explains ‘being provided with the opportunity to undertake my studies through such a prestigious award offered by Australia Awards has provided me with a high level of expertise in my field‘. It has allowed Rodney to remain innovative in an evolving technological world, guaranteeing his finger remains on the pulse of ongoing advancements.

By ensuring Peace Corps staff and volunteers have the necessary IT infrastructure and communications systems, Rodney is also benefitting communities throughout the islands of Vanuatu where Peace Corps volunteers are based. Within their education projects Peace Corps Vanuatu has mainly focused on enhancing literacy in primary schools through interactive and innovative methods including Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The Peace Corps is committed to sustainability through capacity building and the transfer of skills across its volunteers and communities in which it works. Rodney’s work has a multifaceted approach as it can be used by volunteers to improve the ICT skills of students, teachers, and community members in Vanuatu. In order to contribute to the future wellbeing of their families, communities, and nation.

Beyond the technological networks Rodney specialises in, he also finds great value in being a part of the alumni network with those who have also become experts in their fields through the Australia Awards program. Rodney further explains ‘it reminds me that I am not on my own. I have other colleagues with their levels of expertise in the same, or different, fields who I can exchange ideas with to enhance the development goals of Vanuatu‘.