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Make a difference with an Australia Awards Scholarship.

Jeanette Seru: World Blood Donor Day

Posted in Alumni Profiles

World Blood Donor Day is an annual event that highlights the importance of giving blood. Every single donation is a precious lifesaving gift and repeat donation is the key to building a safe and sustainable blood supply. Jeanette Seru is an Australia Awards graduate with a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science from Fiji’s School of Medicine who is now stationed within the hematology department at Santo’s Northern Provincial Hospital.

Jeanette’s role involves running blood analysis for white and red cells, checking controls for accurate results, microbiology, biochemistry, serology, and blood transfusion. Technology has dramatically improved what was once considered a lengthy process, with blood test results now available within a matter of minutes. Assisting to provide patients with a speedy diagnosis.

Jeanette was awarded an Australia Awards scholarship in 2009, and soon found out afterwards she was pregnant. Despite the offer to defer her studies, Jeanette was determined to forge ahead whilst being aware of the additional responsibilities it would incur. Her unwavering commitment saw her give birth to her daughter on a Friday and resume classes the following Monday.

Jeanette commends Australia Awards for the ongoing support she was provided, receiving childcare assistance that enabled her to focus on her academic pursuits. Jeanette explains ‘I would not have been able to complete the course if it had not been for the help Australia Awards provided me with. It made me realise we are able to achieve anything if we really want it‘.

Upon returning to Vanuatu Jeanette began working as an intern lab officer at Port Vila’s Central Hospital. In 2014, Jeanette was transferred to the Northern Province Hospital as Acting Lab Officer in Charge before residing in her current role within the hematology department.

Jeanette encourages others to apply through the Australia Awards Scholarship program, further explaining ‘parents should urge their children to remain focused on their studies to achieve their full potential. Once you have been awarded the scholarship you can achieve your dreams, despite the challenges you may encounter‘.