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Basil Talper – Office of the Maritime Regulator

Posted in Alumni Profiles

Introducing our newly appointed Alumni Committee members.

Basil Talper is the current Senior Inspector & Compliance Administrator at the Office of the Maritime Regulator (OMR) in Santo and one of the organizers of the regulating authority. In 2013, Basil pursued his dreams and undertook a Bachelor degree in Business, majoring in Maritime and Logistics Management through Australia Awards and graduating in 2015 from the University of Tasmania (Australia Maritime College).

Basil started his professional experience as an engineer after completing year 12 in 2005. As a member of the MV Tukoro crew, Basil was required to take up short relevant courses with the Australian Maritime College (AMC) along the way. As a result of the experience Basil gained alongside MV Tukoro, he received relevant qualifications including Certificate I, II and III in Technical Electronics and Certificate I and II in Marine Propulsion.

After graduating with Australia Awards, Basil joined the Department of Water in 2016 as Provincial Water Supervisor. In 2017, when the OMR was founded, Basil co-piloted the establishment and worked at the Vila headquarters for a couple of months before being transferred to Santo.

Basil is now responsible for overseeing the administrative processes carried out from the Santo office, as well as managing human resources and leading the regulatory responsibilities. Within Basil’s daily scope of operations, he is involved with executing seaworthiness checks of ships prior to departure, due-diligence checks of crew and spot checks for the departure and arrival of vessels. Basil also ensures all planning and reporting aligns with the overall objectives of the OMR.

Basil encourages young people who are still in pursuit of their dreams to remain determined, he explains ‘there are no shortcuts in life, to achieve your goals you have to work hard and stay focused‘.

It is through Basil’s professional experience and the qualifications he has gained from Australia Awards, that Basil Talper is one of the leading experts of human resources within the maritime sector.