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Make a difference with an Australia Awards Scholarship.

Naomi Sisi: Promoting Trade within Vanuatu’s Economic Landscape

Posted in Alumni Profiles

International trade and economic growth were two areas highly compromised during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing many to become innovative within their own domestic markets as a result. Naomi Sisi believes this is a strong area for substantial growth that should be fostered to allow further autonomy over Vanuatu’s economy whilst providing a wider variety of goods and services available to its people.

Naomi is an Australia Awards Scholarship graduate who completed a Bachelor of Business in International Trade from Victoria University in 2021. She currently works as an intern with the Department of External Trade within the multi-lateral division, ensuring World Trade Organisation (WTO) notifications and agreements are adhered to.

The WTO is the only international organisation dealing with the global rules of trade. Its main function is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible and plays an important role in supporting economic development and promoting peaceful relations amongst nations. Vanuatu became the 157th WTO member in 2012.

There is certainly room for domestic growth here in Vanuatu and I think it’s about providing access to information from the grass-roots level up. Ensuring information is contextualised to cater for the varying levels of entrepreneurship that is already happening” states Naomi. “Of course, international trade is extremely important and a necessity for many reasons, but there is a lot of positive change waiting to happen if the domestic market is provided with further room to flourish” she further explains.

Naomi chose international trade as her vocation because she saw it as a rapid area for growth that not many were entering. Her parents were extremely supportive of this decision, having always recognised the value of education. “Academically speaking, Australia Awards provided me with the opportunity to gain an incredible education. Beyond that though, was being exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking. A highlight for me was volunteering at a refugee centre and having my eyes opened to the great impact a small gesture can create” states Naomi.

With a worldly perspective and internationally recognised qualifications Naomi is equipped to further develop the nation’s economic landscape whilst encouraging the people of Vanuatu to keep producing a strong domestic market and harness further success.