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September 2018 – Entrepreneurship experiences

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Australia Awards Alumni with the Father of Internet, Dr. Vinton Cerf, during his Inspirational & Motivational talk on 15th AugustMr. Fred Samuel and Ms. Sainimillie Toara talking to alumni members during the Entrepreneur session on 26th September 2018. 2018. Picture by Jennifer Kausei.
Mr. Fred Samuel and Ms. Sainimilli Toara talking to alumni members during the entrepreneur session on 26 September 2018. Picture by Jennifer Kausei.

In September 2018, alumni members Fred Samuel and Sainimilli Toara shared their experiences in becoming entrepreneurs in their field of study. Both provided insights to their personal journeys of successes, challenges, failures, and commitment in their businesses.

Ms. Toara is a passionate young mother determined to achieve her dream to becoming her own boss. Alongside with her supportive partner are delivering civil and structural engineering services to clients in Port Vila.  She is new in business, and determined to slowly build credibility of her business, and plans to expand her business. A very inspiring and determined young woman who encourages all women to not look down on oneself and believe that they can succeed in anything they set their minds to.

Mr. Samuel is a familiar name in the private sector and government for many years, before branching out to starting his own business. His network and relationships have been challenging but says are an important part of building his business. His challenges both professionally and personally, are his learning curves but his shown determination to succeed. He is optimistic of more challenges that he believes he will be faced with that will continue to groom him. His business employs 7 staff, and he believes is contributing to capacity build and empower his community.  Vanuatu’s entrepreneurs are the future for the country’s fight for financial independence. He believes Australia Alumni have the capacity to model this in society, as have network & educational expert skills capacity/experiences. The two and half hour’s discussion kept members tuned in until the end followed by informal drinks and exchanges of business cards and mingling.