DFAT has a zero-tolerance to fraud. Applicants must read Section 3 of the Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook carefully. In the application and selection process for Australia Awards it means:

  • all information must be provided as requested on the application form
  • information must be true, complete and accurate.

Applicants should note the following:

  • Incorrect data or inaccurate information in an application or in documents attached to an application may be considered fraud.
  • Information required but not included in an application can be considered fraud. For example, not including previous qualifications in an application can be interpreted as trying to gain a benefit by withholding information.
  • All cases of suspected fraud are investigated. This can happen at application, selection, mobilisation or on-Award stages of the scholarships cycle.

Fraud detected at any stage can mean:

  • exclusion from further consideration in the current application round
  • exclusion from future application rounds
  • withdrawal of an Award that has been offered.